Universal NandFlash Controller


Our IP core always integrates all ONFI releases and is backward compatible. IP core is avalable for all FPGA vendors and ASIC fundors.


IP-Maker’s Universal NAND Flash Controller (UNFC) IP core is
designed specifically to enable commodity Flash memory to be
effectively used in enterprise storage applications requiring high

reliability and large interconnect bandwidth. Using the pre-
validated UNFC IP allows greatly reduced time-to-market for

storage OEMs desiring higher IOPS benefitting from lower cost
SLC, MLC & TLC NandFlash memory.

The IP-Maker UNFC is full-featured, easy to use in FPGA and SoC designs. For ease of integration with the system interfaces, three native backends (AXI, Avalon and RAM) are provided. However, the connection modules can be customized. The IP core allows page size configuration, spare size per channel. The channel based address is dynamically set.


NandFlash interface

 The NAND flash interface handles all the hardware compliant process (command, address and data sequences). It is ONFI 5.x compliant. Data and Metadata can be protected by the ECC by using configurable data block size (e.g. 1024 bytes + x metadata bytes.)