High Performance NVMe for PCIe-based storage


It integrates specifications of the NVMe.org


Typical storage controllers are composed of a communication
interface and a Nandflash controller. In this case, all the data flow is
managed by the external host processor. However, this architecture
cannot sustain high performance applications. The NVMe IP core
designed by IP-Maker is a powerful data transfer manager integrated
into the PCIe SSD Controller between the communication interface
and the Nandflash controller, therefore off-loading the host CPU.
The IP-Maker NVMe IP is UNH-IOL NVM Express compliant. It is
part of the official NVMe integrator’s list:

Server manufacturers benefit from driver standardization. All PCIe SSDs NVM Express-compliant support a unique driver providing ease-of-use and cost-reduced software development. The IP-Maker NVMe IP core is fully-featured and easy to use in FPGA and SoC designs. The full hardware architecture, which is gates number optimized, provides a power efficient IOPS rate, leading to low power SSD controller capabilities.

Reference Design

The NVMe IP can be used in both ASIC and FPGA. It has been ported and validated on multiple Xilinx Ultrascale; Ultrascale + and 7-series FPGAs. The following reference design is available for evaluation and demonstration purpose.


The IP-Maker NVMe IP, integrated with the IP-Maker UNFC flash and BCH ECC controllers IP can be used for a whole PCIe SSD design. It provides all the necessary features for both consumer and enterprise products.

NVMe NVRAM drive

Adding NVRAM technology to the low latency NVMe reference is a smart choice for NVMe NVRAM drives design. This solution may provide both capacity and performance. Then, such NVMe NVRAM drives could be used for high performance OLTP databases, big data analytics or BI applications.

Persistent Memory SSD

NVMe NVRAM drives is a perfect starting point before moving to the next generation of nonvolatile memories such as MRAM or RRAM. These memories come with a very low latency compared to Nandflash. With a successful NVMe NVRAM design, a new design based on such memories will be successful as well.

Host Bus Adapater (HBA)

The NVMe IP could also be used in a PCIe-based storage product without using any embedded NVM media, but instead providing connectivity to other devices such as SATA SSD, HDD or network interface.

NVMe to NVMe

The IP core can be used to agglomerate multiple data flow to multiple NVMe storage endpoints. This allows to add quality of service (encryption, duplication ….) in total transparency of your global system.

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